Is it time for a change?

Now is a great time to determine internally and externally if you are happy with the staff and clients that you are currently paying and servicing. Take inventory of who your best team members are and who your best customers are. While taking inventory, factor in what I call “Emotional Overhead” ie. the emotional band width it takes to keep them happy and productive. You shouldn’t have to “settle” with team members or customers.

You may have heard me compare your business to a bus.  There are a limited number of seats on your bus for staff and a limited number for clients.  Now is a great time to make sure you are getting maximum measurable value for every payroll and marketing dollar.  Life is too short to do business with people we don’t enjoy or who don’t contribute value.

If you are not getting at least expected value from an employee, strategic partner, or client, you have the right and responsibility for the well being of the bus to let those individuals off at the next stop! Your bus, your rules!  The longer they ride around on your bus not providing needed value, the more time and money resources it will cost you. Also you are actually helping employees find a better fit where they can be happier in their career or if a customer, a better win/win solution. 

Many business owners ask me, “But what if I can’t replace the employee or client?”  I promise the space will get filled with better higher caliber team members and better customers who value the same things you do and won’t emotionally and financially nickel and dime you.  However, for this to work here is the critical key:  You must first make room for these people. Having the space precedes the right person showing up at the next stop. How many times have you had to say “No” to the ideal employee candidate or client because you had no room in your budget or schedule because you were servicing the 20% of staff or clients that were not great fits?  

If you know hanging on to non ideal employees and clients hasn’t worked in the past, try something new and make a change! I promise both sides will benefit from change! 

To your success!

Chad Harward – CEO

Pinpoint Management


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