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7 Ways a Marketing Strategy Consultant Can Help Grow Your Business

Marketing is one of the most effective ways to boost brand awareness and ensure your leads convert into engaged and loyal customers. A marketing strategy consultant can help you get the most from your marketing efforts and resources.

Here are seven ways a marketing consultant can help increase company profits.

1. Identify Your Target Audience

Businesses make a common mistake with their marketing campaigns to cast too wide a net. Even if you’re looking to target a broad, general audience, you’ll still want to narrow your target demographic to ensure your messaging is as precise as possible. A marketing consultant has the experience and expertise to help you research your target market and identify your target audience. Having an in-depth understanding of your ideal audience will help you create marketing campaigns that address your ideal customer’s pain points, leading to better engagement and an increase in sales.

2. Create and Refine Messaging

Marketing messaging is about more than just the words—it is also about the emotion and tone consumers associate with the content. A marketing consultant helps you refine your messaging to ensure that all your marketing content—whether a blog post, email, brochure, or billboard—shares the same unified voice. 

A consistent brand voice helps familiarize your audience with your brand. The goal of a stable brand voice is that customers can quickly identify your brand across all marketing platforms, because they associate the voice and style of the campaign with the unique characteristics of your brand.

3. Provide Competitive Analysis

Before you begin a new marketing campaign, it’s essential to identify what your competitors are doing well (as well as where they are underperforming) to make better choices in where and how you compete against them with your marketing messaging. Competitive analysis, also known as competitor analysis, helps you do exactly that. 

When a marketing strategy consultant conducts a competitive analysis, the consultant identifies the top competitors in your industry and determines their pricing models, market shares, marketing strategies, and other key business factors. This allows you to compare your company’s strengths and weaknesses against the top performers in your field to identify better overlooked opportunities and areas in your business model that could use improvement. 

4. Perform a Collateral Review

Most companies have a sizable library of marketing collateral across different formats, styles, and platforms. Over time, these materials, and files can become lost or forgotten. A collateral review is a process that can help you declutter and arrange all of your marketing assets into a centralized system of organization.

A marketing consultant can comb through your marketing collateral with an objective eye and sort any relevant and useful materials from outdated or off-brand ones. For some companies, just having the organization help is enough, but others may discover long-forgotten gems and unfinished projects that staff can easily transform into an active campaign.

5. Establish a Marketing Plan and Map

Launching a marketing campaign without a concrete strategy is like going on a road trip without a predetermined destination. You’re more likely to make some wrong turns and waste time and money.

A marketing strategy consultant can help you devise a plan and map, setting you on the course to success. Armed with a clear list of goals and directions, you’ll be better able to design marketing campaigns with concise metrics to measure your success along each step of the process.

6. Perform Campaign Tracking and Reporting

Most businesses understand they need to track the performance of their marketing campaigns. Where they often struggle, they often struggle, where they often struggle. A campaign may seem like it’s working well, but it may need to be revamped if it isn’t doing what you want it to do.

The campaign tracking and reporting that a marketing consultant can provide gives clear, data-based results about your campaigns. This helps you determine which aspects of your campaign are successful and which areas may be underperforming. Tracking and reporting gives you the chance to make adjustments throughout the campaign’s lifespan and make decisions in future campaigns that will improve your ROI.

7. Generate and Analyze a Lead Generation Report

A lead generation report takes inventory of your leads and conversions. It provides an overview of the number of leads you gained during a set time period and provides information about where they came from or any specific actions they took while engaging with your campaign. Insights from a lead generation report can help your sales and marketing departments improve their lead qualification efficiency and sales forecasting.

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