Often I notice in my life and the life of business owners I work with, there is an unavoidable cycle of falling into result ruts. Times when, no matter what you seem to do, it doesn’t change your results or you just flat out can’t get motivated to take the next step. Following are five tools that have proven to help me and my business get back on track with working results quickly.

1. Start Moving / Take Action
This sounds obvious, but nothing happens without action. Even our bodies are designed to be in motion and when we stop moving, our body literally starts shutting down. For me, the struggle can often start with just pushing myself out of bed or picking up the phone to call that person or business owner I’ve had on my mind. I love Mel Robbins’s “5 Second Rule” which states when you need to move or act on an instinct or impression you must immediately count down “5-4-3-2-1” and commit to moving on 1! Otherwise our minds will talk us out of moving.

2. Connect With One Person Today
Have the objective be to get their perspective on whatever has you stuck or simply connecting with them because they were on your mind. You will be amazed at how this person will always have something of value in a common experience or emotional perspective that energetically and strategically moves you to a new level and points you in the right direction. Follow your gut when choosing whom to meet with. It’s okay if the person you feel to choose does not make sense – soul based living usually doesn’t make sense!

3. Change Your Environment
Go outside with a notebook. I love going to the mountains or to a park. It always surprises me how fast my mind clears and options become available as soon as I get outside. Creativity thrives in nature and answers will always come to you.

4. Get Clear On What you Want
I am surprised how losing clarity on what we want can be a cycling issue personally and in business. Almost always if I am in a rut it means I have lost clear sight of what I want. The key question I always ask when I hit this wall is “What do I Want?” The more specific I can be, the higher probability you can make that desire a reality sooner than later. Caution: Do not spend time and energy focused on what you don’t want or what’s in your way. This way of thinking won’t change your reality and only delays your process in getting where your want to be.

5. Get Outside Feedback and Perspective
Similar to putting your hand in front of your eyes blocking your vision, often we are so close physically and emotionally to what we are dealing with in our relationships and /or business it’s often really difficult to see our way out of our box. This is when I seek the feedback of others on how they see me and /or my business. If you are open, this will be one of the most powerful shift tools you will have. It will dramatically change your relationships and income because they will see what you can’t. Even though the hand is in front of you doesn’t change the reality that your answers and opportunities are just beyond what you can see. They are always there and will continue to be there until you discover them through someone else’s perspective. Caution: Be careful that you don’t invest in “being right” at the expense of making more money and having fulfilling relationships. The price of pride is money and relationships.

As an added bonus on this one, I am happy to give you a free one hour feedback / analysis for your personal and business results – with no judgments! Contact us at 801-814-1883 or email info@ppmanagement.com. It could very likely be a game changer and get you quickly back on the right track!

Best wishes in breaking through your ruts and creating amazing results!


Chad Harward – Owner

Pinpoint Management Inc.

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