Back to School…and Business!

While growing up I always enjoyed going back to school, especially the first day of school. New shoes, new teachers, new classes, new friends, and lots of anticipation for new achievements and experiences. That love and excitement has not changed since I have watched my four kids grow up and go through the school system.

As I experienced this annual excitement sending kids to school again this past week, I realized there are similarities to business and our growth as business owners. Over the last 10 years, I have had the fortunate opportunity of teaching thousands of contractors how to fast track their business to time and money freedom. Just like in school, there are mathematical formulas and predictable outcomes in business based on long founded business tools and principles.

As I sit down with contractors, I can tell in the first 15 minutes what level of freedom and success that they are experiencing at that point in their business. Some are doing ok and comfortable but know there is more for them and are looking to take it up another level. Others are aging quickly because of the emotional and financial overhead their business is demanding from them. They are literally surviving their business.The good news is no business owner needs to survive or settle with their dream of doing the craft they love. However, freedom does not come from doing what we love but how we create value for others by doing it. In short, properly executing on proven business information and tools equals more freedom over time, not less.

Following our school theme, we are two thirds of the way through another year, if you were to give your business a grade based on level of financial and time freedom your business is creating for you, what would it be? Similar to school, if we get a less than favorable grade we have two choices: continue on the current course or do something to improve our performance and results, (More study time, getting help from a teacher, peer, or tutor etc.). I hope your business is consistently generating an A+ experience in freedom! This is the only reason to own a business – because it will give you more freedom in time and money than working for someone else doing the same thing. If you are not getting the grade you want, I hope you will take quick and active measures to improve your grade!

School is back in session and you always have time to raise the bar and improve your grade. I am more than happy to serve as a resource and look at your business with you to figure out the best and fastest way to move your business up the grade scale. To further support you, my assistant Sam will be giving you a “check in” call over the next 30 days and see if you would like to schedule an assessment to fast track your business success. You may email us sooner and we’ll get you on the schedule!

Best wishes in finishing 2018 strong!

Chad Harward – Business Analyst

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