Retool Your Sales Process.

This is where your money is made or lost.  Now is a good time to take a close look at how you talk to your prospective clients.  Once marketing does it’s job of serving up the perfect opportunity, the purpose of sales is to capitalize.  If you have a qualified client and you know you can transform their life for the better, you are doing them a disservice when you don’t convert them to your business and brand. 

The common mistake I see here is most small – midsize business owners tell, assume, or guess what is important to the prospect then ask “Do you want it?”.  No one wants to be sold.  However,  people do want to be heard, validated, and choose to own products and services.

Does your sales process walk your prospect through a natural process that feels natural or is it ask a couple opening questions and then jump on the first opening they give you?


Are the sales points emotional such as “Our product/service will help you sleep at night or will make you feel energized, fulfilled, or secure.”?  Or are the sales points focused on the non emotional “specs” of your product or service?  Even though specs are easy to talk about, your customer’s eyes will tell you if that matters to them.  Don’t bore them with specs, inspire them with emotional value propositions as a result of asking great questions that tell them they matter to you beyond making the next sale.  If you truly do this, the sales conversion will take care of itself and everyone wins!

To your success!

Chad Harward – CEO

Pinpoint Management

P.S. If you are not sure how to create an emotional driven sales process call us at  801-349-1129 and we will spend some time with you outlining it. We can also guide you in launching it with your team!

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