Drive Your Business in a New Direction With a Business Transformation Consultant


Your business is like a bus, and you are the driver. If your business isn’t where you want it to be, it may be time to try a new direction. If this sounds like you, it’s time to take the stress off your back and consider a business transformation consultant. 

How Pinpoint Can Help You Steer Your “Bus(iness)” Better

If your business is broken down in any of the following areas, Pinpoint Management can help you: 

  • You’re overworked: If you want to take your foot off the gas and spend less time in the driver’s seat, you may need help preparing your team for new responsibilities and procedures. 
  • Your team has weaknesses: A strong team is fundamental to a profitable business that you can depend on. The first step is to identify the problem and learn how to strengthen your team and individuals. 
  • Your business has stopped growing in profits: If your business has reached a stopping point in its growth, it’s time to switch things up and adapt. You don’t have to settle for any plateau, no matter what revenue you are pulling in. 
  • You’re unsure of how to keep up with growth: Alternatively, your business may be thriving and becoming increasingly difficult for you to keep up with on your own. Take back control of the wheel and outsource some help to keep these high points consistent. 
  • You don’t know how to reach your business goals: If you’re unsure how to get from point A to point B, Pinpoint can provide the directions you need. 

Our Process

Helping your business begins with a full inspection, starting with popping the hood of that bus. We collect data and analytics and analyze results to understand strengths and weaknesses fully. We then develop a strategy and meet with you and your key team biweekly to review a custom strategy and the next steps. 

  1. Employee Management 
  2. Productivity  
  3. Finance
  4. Sales
  5. Marketing 
  6. Growth & Scaling 

Proven Results

When hiring a business consultant, you don’t want someone that’s just talking. What we do for businesses, we can help any and all businesses. We’ve worked with a plumbing company that has been established for over 40 years. With their willingness to try a new direction, we raised their revenue from 13% net profit to 55%. 

Find Your Path With Pinpoint 

You don’t have to drive your business alone. If you’re ready to try a new direction and work towards your goals, you now know where to start. Schedule a consultation with Pinpoint Management today!

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