Over the last twenty years, I have had the great opportunity of meeting thousands of business owners.  As I sit down with these entrepreneurs I am always surprised how much I hear the phrase “Someday I’ll______.”  

“Someday I’ll be profitable.”
“Someday I’ll start advertising.”
“Someday I’ll hire some help.”
“Someday I’ll be able to go on a vacation.”
“Someday my business will create my financial independence.”

The list goes on.  My question to this is:  “What if someday never comes?”


My years as a business owner and consultant have reminded me one thing again and again  – While we all hope and desire a lot of positive results in our business, specifically time and money freedom, business doesn’t reward desire or intention, it rewards positive action and positive results.  

“Someday” is the biggest thief of time and money freedom.  The vast majority of well meaning business owners become a slave to this thief.

As I have watched my clients positively transform into an abundant successful business, I have noticed one clear difference that sets those who thrive apart and predicts their success: ACTION.  

Survivors spend valuable resources month after month talking about things they should do or even will do different in their business.  The thrivers simply act.  Yes they are scared.  No they are not perfect.  They trade the fear of not wanting to fail for the predictable springboard of learning while acting on sound business fundamentals and tools. They have the assurance knowing that this movement will  always change the landscape of where they are and give them a much better foothold to win over time.  

One of my clients and his wife laughed as they recently told me their versions of vacations they forced themselves to take together over the last 15 years while operating their business.

 Their vacations were consistently made up of him in the bathroom with the door closed in the late hours of the night and in a hushed voice doing his best to run his business from his phone.  Countless hours of time were spent at work remotely, robbing him of the experience of getting valuable R&R with his wife.


A few weeks ago this same business owner and his wife celebrated shortly after returning from a week long vacation in our meeting and said that because they are  acting much differently in their business than ever before, he was not only not on his phone during the vacation, he was able to leave his phone home!  It was obviously the best vacation they have ever had!

Quality Time! Vacation! Rest and Relax!

Taking action on business fundamentals and tools in business nets big results!  Not surprisingly, this same owner just experienced his most profitable 1st quarter in the history of their company with him doing much less of the day-to-day work!  

Action is the vehicle for life changing results in business.  Not desire, not motivation, not loving what we do, and actually not even being the best at what we do.  The winners have always been those that are quickest and most consistent and shifting from talking and intending  to walking and executing. Quickly shifting from “Someday I’ll______” to “Today I did_____” is the key to guaranteed transformation.

We love to guide business owners in this transformation!  No business owner should be a slave to their dream!

Take a decisive action today and let’s see how to create time and money freedom for you and  your family. The clock is ticking either way…..

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To your freedom!


Owner Pinpoint Management


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Chad Harward is the owner of Pinpoint Management; a leading Utah based small business development company. Chad has achieved a BS in Marketing at Weber State University. His business acumen includes business organization, planning, structure implementation, financial management, marketing and sales.

Chad is a seasoned business analyst working with hundreds of business owners in multiple industries. With over 25 years of experience, he has successfully worked with business owners to identify critical business needs and establish best practices to maximum profitability.

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