You’ve worked hard to get your company where it is today. You’re getting your name out there and networking like crazy, so why is your revenue plateauing? The financial experts at Pinpoint Management have years of experience helping businesses of all shapes and sizes with their financial growth. 

We understand what it takes to run a successful business, so we want to honor your time by getting you back to doing what you do best. Cash is king with building and scaling your business. Pinpoint’s certified financial consultants can effectively help you manage the money that comes through your doors by maximizing keeping more of it in profits. Additionally, they will make sure the money you do spend gets put to the best use and is leveraged to give you more money freedom and that every dollar spent on the business from people to material and equipment makes you more than you are spending on that part of your business. Meanwhile, we’ll make a solid plan for your company’s growth. Sleep better at night knowing you’ve got a team of expert business financial consultants at your back, ready and willing to help your company expand to new heights. 

Historical Comparison

When you know where you’ve been, it’s easier to see where you’re going.

Otherwise known as a horizontal analysis, a historical comparison looks at your financial information over time. This is quite helpful when determining how much your company has grown or what sort of financial shape your company is in.


Profitability Tracking and Management

This is where we assess your company’s ability to generate earnings relative to company data. Tracking your profitability gives you a clearer picture of your company’s revenue and overall financial health.

Once you understand where your company’s profitability is, we’ll work together to develop rock-solid plans to boost those numbers even further.


Productivity Flash Report

You’ve got all sorts of KPIs and reports coming in, but are you looking at them the right way?

If you want to know how your KPIs are influencing your revenue, this is where you’ll find that information. The metrics we’ll pull are tied to your operations, which allows us to see how those operations tie to your financial performance.


Profitability Flash Report

Gross profit margin, operating profit margin, net profit margin—you’re familiar with these terms, but do you know how to use them in a way that will grow your company?

Your profitability flash report is where we look at all these figures and compare them to past records. For larger companies, we can break these figures down into business units, showing individual performance.


Break-Even Analysis

Pop quiz: How many units do you need to sell to cover all your operating costs?

This number is your break-even point, and you need to know it. Based on your company’s revenue and associated costs, we’ll help you find this figure.

Think of this as your ground floor. When we know what your minimum needs are, we’ll be able to help you plan tools for financial growth. The sky’s the limit!


Marketing ROI Report

An essential marketing tool, marketing ROI reports are used by executives and campaign managers to show how their costs (and associated performance) are doing over a certain length of time.

A couple of additional KPIs often go with marketing ROI reports, and we’ll cover those with you as well.


Operations Budget

Operations budgets are pretty straightforward: How much money does your company need to run smoothly and efficiently (and successfully) during a set length of time?

This is where we’ll go over all of the company expenses and revenue your company expects to use for operations. Once we understand how much money is coming in and out of your business, we’ll check for leaks in your financial boat. If we find any, we’ll be sure to close those up and get you floating again.


Meet Your Business Financial Consultant

At Pinpoint Management, our purpose is to grow companies that will benefit local communities. Business owners tend to be great at what they do, but sometimes that’s not enough to grow a business—that’s where we come in.

When you’re ready to see your profits increase, our business financial consultants are happy to help. Contact the experts at Pinpoint Management today for a consultation or take things a step further and complete your business profile survey to help us review your goals.

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