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Pinpoint Management has years of experience helping businesses achieve time and money freedom by identifying the root causes of challenges and pinpointing solutions. We can develop a tailored performance plan for your company and help you put it into action!


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It's Time to get control of your money and time!

It's Time to own your business instead of it owning you!

It's Time to have fun in your business again!

It's Time to have complete control of your business revenue and profits!

It's Time for your business to give you the life you wanted from the beginning!

It’s Time to Launch! – No more waiting and hoping!

Join us for a game changing program to fast track you and your business to long term results and freedom!

3 powerful months to focus on maximizing and predicting your business profit!

Program Benefits

Leverage your financial data to springboard you out of carrying the day to day operations.

Eliminate the guesswork in pricing and bidding.

Guarantee every product and job is profitable.

Know every moment when your business is making money.

Engineer and protect cash flow and proactively control overhead

Know the exact number you need to transition and not “have” to work again.

Get your time back to live the life you want.

Program Features

3 Month Program

(6 total) 1 hour Zoom “Ignite” sessions

10:30am-11:30am MST every 2nd and 4th Friday of the Month with one of our top business strategists

  • 40 minutes Tools and Training
  • 20 minutes group Q&A
  • All Zoom Ignite calls will be recorded and emailed within 24 hours to all program participants

(2) 90 minute 1:1 sessions via Zoom with a top Certified Pinpoint Business Strategist to focus on your top business goal bi-weekly for one month.

Seven proven business tools and content engineered to level up your business and generate time and money freedom!

Online support via text or email between Ignite Sessions

Keeps you motivated and on track with your predetermined plan and strategy.

Course Modules

Reading Financials:

Organizing your data for decision making

Tool – Daily Overhead Calculator

Predicting your exit

Tool – Critical Path Indicator

Tracking for Profitability:

Guarantee profit of every job

Know in advance the jobs to say yes to

  • Tool – Profitability Accelerator
  • Tool – Bidding Tool
  • Tool – Break Even Index Calculator

Managing Cash Flow:

Finding the hidden cash in your business

Getting more money & working less

Unlock the power of managing accounts receivable

  • Tool – Daily Cash Analysis
  • Tool – Payroll Estimator


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Pinpoint Management founds all strategies and decisions off quantifiable measurements from beginning to end.

We will conduct an operational analysis of all key areas of your business to determine the root of your results. We determine the gaps between current performance and where you envisioned the results to be.
Once we analyze the data we will give you several recommended next steps and get to work on the transformation. This transformation happens in an organized modulated way allowing you to continue to conduct business during the process.

After quantifying the strengths and weaknesses within your business, some critical analysis will help you identify the factors involved. Next we roll up our sleeves and get to work! We go way beyond billable hours and theory. We get in the trenches and build the model with you.

Development and implementation focuses on the 6 core areas of business development: Finance, Sales, Marketing, Productivity, Employee Management, and Growth/Scaling. A Pinpoint Management Project Manager will meet Bi-Weekly with the owner and other key individuals in the organization. During these meetings the Project Manager, a business coaching and mentoring expert, will train on key business fundamentals, outline custom strategies and tools, and critical next steps to be accomplished before the next meeting.

You will get a “hands on” crash course in business while using your business as the laboratory and watch your results skyrocket to the next level! Most importantly, you will be vastly improving your business acumen and be empowered with custom tools to implement what you learn and skyrocket your results.



Read why our clients love working with us!


Read why our clients love working with us!

“Pinpoint gets to the root of a problem quickly. The strategic planning they provide has always been right on the money! They never put their views ahead of mine but rather help me develop a clear path toward my own goals. Top Qualities: Great Results, Experts, Good Value.”

Kay-Lynn – Chick Ventures Inc

“Chad Harward’s business classes have been unbelievably helpful. He is full of knowledge and keeps the class completely attentive. It’s like he has a crystal ball that shows all the mistakes that a company is making and he presents a clear vision on how to solve those mistakes. This guy is a magician on fixing businesses!”

Ryan – Heat Trace Specialists

“I’d highly recommend attending Chad Harward’s series of business management seminars if you are a business owner with a background in “doing” rather than “managing.” There are many aspects of running a small business, from marketing to project management to strategic and budget planning, that many either ignore, or stumble through without a clear idea of what to do or where they are going. Chad’s seminars address these issues clearly and concisely in a manageable chunk of time, and really will help you to prioritize and plan to make your business run more efficiently and successfully, and leave you more time to do what you love.”

Amanda – Closet Factory

“Pinpoint Management is the team member any business owner is looking for. Their proven blueprint for success will provide confidence in any management team, and positive long term results through any economic climate.”

Jerry – Tunex

Tel. 801-876-5859

240 North East Promontory Suite 200,

Farmington Utah 84025


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