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When all your systems and people are in place, sales become predictable.
We help you achieve sustainable, predictable growth by putting your systems and people into place. This includes putting into place a predictable client acquisition journey.

This is done by putting your client’s journey to the test. We first begin by understanding your ideal client better than they do themselves. Then, we document their entire journey from the first touchpoint until after purchase. The goal is to help you document and deliver world-class interactions at every point of contact. This combined with the quickest route from that first touch point to closing the sale will bring you predictable sales.

Our business strategists will then help you execute this customer acquisition framework using our Initialize strategies inside the Pinpoint FreedomcFormula ™. Not only will your clients be long-term fans, but they will also do repeat business with you and/ or refer you to new clients.

We do this through

“Grew monthly net profits from 13% to 55% in three months” – Plumbing company
“Made an extra $649,000 doing 30% less work and grew by 52% over the prior year!” – Remodeling Contractor
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Chad Harward

Founder & CEO

Joshua Hoecherl


Michelle Perkins

Social Media Expert

Tracy Smith

Tax Strategist


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