“Pinpoint gets to the root of a problem quickly. The strategic planning they provide has always been, right on the money! They never put their views ahead of mine but rather help me develop a clear path toward my own goals. Top Qualities: Great Results, Experts, Good Value.”

Kay-Lynn – Chick Ventures Inc.

“Chad Harward’s business classes have been unbelievably helpful. He is full of knowledge and keeps the class completely attentive. It’s like he has a crystal ball that shows all the mistakes that a company is making and he presents a clear vision on how to solve those mistakes. This guy is a magician on fixing businesses!”

 Ryan – Heat Trace Specialists

“I’d highly recommend attending Chad Harward’s series of business management seminars if you are a business owner with a background is in “doing” rather than “managing.”

There are many aspects of running a small business, from marketing to project management to strategic and budget planning, that many either ignore, or stumble through without a clear idea of what to do or where they are going.

Chad’s seminars address these issues clearly and concisely in a manageable chunk of time, and really will help you to prioritize and plan to make your business run more efficiently and successfully, and leave you more time to do what you love.”

Amanda – Closet Factory


“Pinpoint Management is the team member any business owner is looking for.

 Their proven blueprint for success will provide confidence in any management team, and positive long term results through any economic climate.”

Jerry – Tunex

“For three years prior to finding Chad @ Pinpoint Management, our business had been growing, but I had no ‘accounting’ direction. I’d been asking my accountant for help—not knowing what I was really asking for, just knowing the business was growing past what I could keep my arms around alone. In 2008, I changed accountants, looking for that help and ended up getting even less help than before. Then along came Chad.

My husband, Keith, was at a conference where Chad spoke about what he does, and Keith came home telling me that all the questions I’d had for my accountant were all being answered by Chad. Accountants work with numbers after the fact and would never be able to answer the questions I was having. I.e, closer evaluations of our numbers, was my accounting correct—not just for accounting purposes, but for planning purposes; forecasting; budgeting; employees—their positions and numbers; etc. I didn’t even know what to ask, I just knew I had questions.

We teamed up with Chad, and we began with the numbers history from the last three years, broken down into what we both wanted to watch. With his objective view (we’ve never met), Chad could pinpoint, by looking at the numbers, what were some major glitches in our flow—employees in the wrong positions, wasteful spending, etc.—things we weren’t seeing by being so close to the business.

While working with Pinpoint we started by getting organized, focused and goal oriented. What a difference having goals made! No longer was it, ‘Wow, we did better than last year this month.’ But instead of focusing on the past, it was ‘We’ve got $____ more to go to meet our goal in _______ department.’ In a soft/declining economy, our business increased overall 17% in 2010 over 2009. And that was with a static 1st quarter.
Chad challenged us with goals, encouraged us to increase prices to more represent the value and uniqueness we offer, and could ‘nail’ my questions because of his bird’s eye view of our business.
Pinpoint Management has been a tremendous return on investment.

Our first month of 2011 had an increase of 39% over last January. The positive results just continued to gain momentum as 2012 progressed. We matched our 2010 total sales number on September 15th, 2011. After that, every day was a new sales record! We finished 2011 with an increase over 2010 of $216,970, a 50% growth jump and by far our best sales year ever! No recession here!

The results tell us that working with Pinpoint Management is the best business decision we have ever made!

We’re hanging on tight for the great ride 2012 will bring!”

Thanks Pinpoint!

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