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Human-Centered Business Development

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Our Mission:

To grow businesses while elevating emotional intelligence


Our Vision:

Partnering at a human-centric level for excellence


Our Top Value:

Strength and bonding through profound connection

Our Business Development Method


At Pinpoint Management, we’ve been helping businesses scale for over two decades. Many of these companies need a significant amount of support surrounding data, systems, and processes. But over the years, we’ve seen that while these pieces are essential, more than ever, effective leadership from the top down is the true indicator of a vital culture and, ultimately, a business’s long-term success.

That’s why our consulting strategies focus on fusing data and strategy with growing emotional intelligence within an organization—within all key leadership and rippling out from there. Emotional intelligence (or EQ—emotional quotient) typically encompasses self-awareness, empathy, motivation, self-regulation, and social skills. Building a team and workforce with emotional intelligence results in more effective leadership, stronger relationships, and better decision-making skills.

Also, we know that as businesses scale, key leaders within the company need to spend even more time focusing on leadership and personal development to continue to create a ripple effect from the top down.

About Pinpoint Management


Pinpoint Management began as a consultant-based marketing company over 20 years ago in Greater Salt Lake City Area. We quickly became a full-service business consulting company focused on improving operations for service-based businesses. 

While we’ve loved, and continue to love, working with our local clients in Utah, in the last few years, we began offering business consulting for companies nationwide and outside the service industry. We deliver high-level service to clients, prioritizing both data and strategy with leadership training and emotional intelligence. Founded by our CEO, Chad Harward, and led by our COO, Joshua Hoecherl, Pinpoint Management is helping grow businesses from their core.

The Accelerate Process


Step 1:

Reach out to schedule a Discovery Call. To better serve the needs of your business and to align your needs with the strengths of our team, please schedule a Foundation Discovery Call if your business is making $10 million or less in annual revenue, with a small team, often service and trade businesses.

Schedule an Enterprise Discovery Call if your business is making $10 million+ in annual revenue with a full leadership team and larger staff, robust business models, and perhaps you’ve already experienced various evolutions of the business.

Not sure which one is right for your business? Just make your best guess, and we’ll make sure you get the support you need after we connect.


Step 2:

After your Discovery Call, you’ll choose the initial length of your consulting journey based on how quickly you want to move through the program and how much time you can devote to the tools you’ll be learning.


Step 3:

Your Certified Pinpoint Strategist will start by looking at the financials to gauge the health of the business and to determine the most impactful areas to focus on. With financial transparency and a better idea of your profitability, your strategist will develop a Customized Business Growth Map.


Step 4:

You’ll begin weekly 50-minute meetings with your strategist. At these meetings, your strategist will introduce new concepts and tools, review assignments, share what you need to know about upcoming assignments, and determine action items for the next week.


Step 5:

Throughout the week, you’ll have full communication with your strategist via text or email and access to office hours (via video chat) for any questions that come up.


Step 6:

Your journey will be individualized to your business and your needs, and ultimately, you’ll learn both strategies and leadership tools vital for scaling your business.

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