What does it take to break free from the corporate mold and chart your own course as an entrepreneur? Chad Harward, founder and CEO of Pinpoint Management, joins us to answer this question with a frank discussion about his own journey from marketing director to business owner. Navigating the uncharted waters of entrepreneurship, Chad shares valuable insights on risk-taking, leadership growth, and the power of purpose in business. 

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Pinpoint Management, one of the leading consulting firms for construction companies, gives back To Utah business owners by donating time and training.

It is no secret that every business owner dreams of time and money freedom and unfortunately the dreams become diluted by the sluggish growth and fears of the future.

Utah based company, Pinpoint Management, a leading authority in the business consulting space, founded by Chad Harward and Joshua Hoecherl, has been dedicated to delivering a tailored customized roadmap for construction companies and has assisted executives with the solutions that can free up time and money. Over the last 16 years, Chad Harward has been a DOPL certified instructor for the various Utah chapters of the Utah Home Builders Association. It is their way of giving back to the community and educating business owners on the practices they should implement right away to become financially successful entrepreneurs. Every month Harward donates his time to a bigger cause- helping contractors achieve time and money freedom doing what they love in their trades. 

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