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Who are Enterprise Businesses, and How Can Pinpoint Management Help?

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At Pinpoint Management, we are passionate about helping small businesses through some of the beginning challenges of ownership. But we also know that businesses have unique needs and specific business challenges as they continue to grow past the $10 million mark, and we excel at helping businesses in this phase of growth as well.

Business owners who have lived through various evolutions of their company don’t need as much help with things like SOPs and efficiency tracking. They’re more concerned with the bigger picture of the business, as well as their broader impact and legacy. We call these companies Enterprise Businesses.

Common characteristics of Enterprise Businesses are that they have a full leadership team and larger staff, are bringing in $10M or more in annual revenue, and have a robust business module with large budgets.

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Leaders Commonly Share These Pain Points:

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If you’ve been experiencing any or all of these challenges, Pinpoint Management strategists can help you identify the root of the problems and develop innovative solutions to address them. We take a human-centered approach, knowing that business problems are really just people problems. When you can heal the people within the organization, the result is a thriving business culture and a sense of community.

Pinpoint Management values strength and bonding through profound connection, and we’ve seen time and time again that businesses thrive when they prioritize growing these connections within the organization.

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Here’s What You’ll Learn With Pinpoint Management Enterprise Business Development Consulting


Our strategists want to address the problems keeping you up at night, whether that’s tension and misalignment with your leadership team, talent retention, legacy planning, or your desire to make a true impact on your staff and community.

Through regular meetings with your strategist, you’ll learn new tools, adaptive leadership, be assigned next steps, and review past assignments.

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You’ll have access to your strategist via email and text throughout the week and at designated office hours.

Together, you’ll move the needle on what your business needs most, including:


Empathetic Leadership:

Create a ripple effect of emotional intelligence and effective leadership from the top down. When leaders are connected to their people, they can truly hear what needs to happen within the organization.


Unlocking Synergy:

One genius leader at the top of an organization does not produce a great organization. True leadership sees synergy happens when each individual can be seen and heard.


Data Visibility:

You’re already tracking your data, but let’s make sure it’s visible to the right people to make sure your data is leading to increased efficiency and productivity.


Retention Strategies:

Increase retention by spearheading a healthier culture, starting with you and key leadership, including creating a space where it’s safe to make mistakes, be vulnerable, and learn together.


Problem-Solving Skills:

Empower your team with problem-solving skills so everyone in the organization feels capable of addressing problems they’re experiencing.


Tactics for Leading a Multi-Generational, Multi-Cultural Workforce:

Get your leadership on board with adapting leadership styles among a diverse workforce.

How A Competitive Glass Company Went From Fractured to Profitable |Case Study



In the competitive landscape of commercial glass, a company with a 20-year legacy faced internal challenges and growth limitations, mainly due to internal leadership dynamics within this family-owned and operated company.


The Challenges:

The aging owner of the company had been training his son as the general manager, to take over the company when he retired. However, the owner’s daughter, Jennifer, who was competent and capable, had been relegated to the office, and often, her ideas we marginalized. This resulted in poor communication, tension in decision-making, and less than optimal profits.


The Solutions:

The Pinpoint Management strategist helped restructure the leadership team, bringing Jennifer into a key role, with a voice at the table in financial decision-making. By revamping profitability metrics, a shift in focus to seeking out the most profitable glass installs, and Jennifer’s new role, the company was able to improve their culture and increase profitability.


The Results:

Jennifer emerged as a central financial decision-maker, marking a critical shift in the company’s leadership dynamics. Because of this shift and the other profitability tools, the company saw profitability grow from 4.3% to 11.49%, which was especially impressive considering much of their work was government contract work, which is notorious for having thin profit margins.

Let’s Evolve Your Business With Human-Centered Business Development


At Pinpoint Management, we know that businesses need a human-centered approach to thrive in today’s world. Let’s increase your impact and improve your culture, all while helping your business reach new heights in profitability.