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Human-Centered Business Development

Let’s Co-Create Your Business Growth Strategy

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Our experienced strategists are ready to help you take your business to the next level with our Accelerate Consulting Programs. The length of time spent in the program is really up to you and your business—and is based on how much time you can dedicate to working through our resources, tools and recommendations. We’ll pinpoint exactly where you, your team, and your business needs to grow, and come up with a plan for execution.

Whether you’ve been wearing all the hats and are ready to add a team, want to start planning an exit strategy for your business, or have a multimillion-dollar company that needs leadership development to thrive, we have strategists who are ready to help.

Pinpoint Management Helps With:



Create a ripple effect of emotional intelligence and effective leadership from the top down.



Gain true insight into your profitability and make data-driven decisions that support your business's future.



We create a systematized marketing process so your pipeline stays full and runs almost effortlessly.



Find sales predictability when all your systems and people are in place.


Growth & Scaling:

Our strategists help you adopt the characteristics of companies that have both grown and scaled before you.


Diversity & Inclusion:

We help you navigate the needs of our ever-changing world, including learning about best practices for diversity and inclusion.


Productivity Management:

To achieve maximum productivity, we develop a work model built on a structure of repeatable tasks, communication loops, time management, and accountability mechanisms.

Let’s Start By Identifying the Stage of Your Business


Most of our clients fall into one of two categories:

Foundation Businesses and Enterprise Businesses. We find this distinction important because the business owner who is in their first couple years of business and growing has completely different challenges and needs than the business leader with hundreds of employees who has been in business for 10-15+ years. We have resources to help both!

Here's how we distinguish the two groups

Foundation Businesses:


Businesses making $10 million or less in annual revenue, with a small team, often service-based and trade businesses

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Often Need Help With:

If you can relate to the struggles of being stuck in the day-to-day of your business while desiring growth and higher profitability, we want to empower you to reach your business growth goals with data, strategy, and emotional intelligence.

Enterprise Businesses:


Businesses making $10 million+ in annual revenue with a full leadership team, larger staff, robust business models, and perhaps have seen various evolutions of the business

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Often Need Help With:

If you’re looking for support with the bigger picture of your business, including creating a human-centered culture that drives growth, we want to support your goals.

Pinpoint Management Business Growth Process


No matter where your business is at, the process remains the same. You’ll get regular meetings with your certified Pinpoint Strategist as we work on your customized Business Growth Map. At each meeting, you’ll learn new concepts and tools (we have tools we help businesses implement as needed), review previous assignments, and then get new action items for the week to come.

We’ll work together at your pace to develop solutions that benefit your business. Additionally, you’ll gain access to video modules that help you learn and implement new skills, office hours with a strategist, and, in most cases, admission to our tri-annual in-person Summit event.

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Hear More From Our Clients


Remodeling Contractor Adds a New Division and Massively Increases Revenue

Pinpoint Management had a remodeling contractor reach out to us for help starting a new division without adding to its staff. Upon analysis, Pinpoint Management observed that while the contractor had a good reputation and a solid client base, they were not leveraging their strengths to their full potential. The absence of a well-planned growth strategy was limiting their ability to expand their market share and increase revenues.

By streamlining operations and implementing cost management strategies, the company increased its market share with the new division while increasing revenue by 50% and their profit margin by 10%.

Our Clients



Will I have to work more hours to gain more profit?

Actually, our goal is to allow you to work less and have more time to spend with your family and on your passions. Our business growth strategy teaches you to empower your leadership team (or create a leadership team if you don’t have one yet), so you can take a vacation and actually enjoy it—without checking your email or your phone constantly. Our tools will allow you to work the same amount and make 20% more right off the bat.

Yes, we love working with large businesses. Our strategists are experts at helping small to large businesses. During your initial call with one of our strategists, we’ll ensure we place you with the right team members based on the size of your business and your most pressing needs.

Our business growth programs begin with our 3 month program and extend to the 12-month Accelerate Program. However, we know that the landscape of business changes quickly, and many of our customers continue to work with us to navigate changes in technology and AI, diversity and inclusion, and the increasing demand for emotional intelligence in leadership. All of our consulting services are customized to your business, so we can go at your pace and support you as long as you need.

Schedule a Discovery Call with either one. If our team doesn’t feel like you’re in the right place, we’ll make sure you get connected to the Pinpoint strategists who can best address your needs.