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Who are Foundation Businesses and How Can Pinpoint Management Help?

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Since the start of Pinpoint Management, we’ve specialized in helping businesses of this Foundation size. We love and know these companies, and we’ve worked with hundreds of them over the years.

Common characteristics of these businesses are that they are often family-owned and operated, with one entrepreneur flying solo or just a small team, and are producing $10 million or less in annual revenue, and are struggling to figure out their next steps for growth.

Foundation Businesses

Commonly Share These Pain Points:

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If you’ve been experiencing any or all of these challenges, Pinpoint Management is here to help. These challenges are prevalent, but they must be addressed as early as possible so the business can grow in profitability, scale, and impact.

Working with a Pinpoint Management Strategist will do so much more than just increase your numbers, though. While we love data and strategy, we’re equally passionate about addressing the people in the organization, helping them grow and thrive so that the business can also flourish.

We care about healthy work cultures and know that today’s workforce does, too. Adaptive leadership, effective communication, and emotional intelligence are all essential skills for growing your business in the years to come.

Our mission is to grow businesses while elevating emotional intelligence, and if you align with that mission and are looking for support as your business grows, we’d love to hear from you.

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Here’s What You’ll Learn With Pinpoint Management Small Business Growth Consulting


We’re all about relationships and are never a one-size-fits-all consulting company. We work closely with you to determine your biggest challenges and our priorities for tackling them. We’ll help you work more efficiently, so you have more time to spend on the things that matter to you.

Through regularly scheduled meetings with your strategist, you’ll learn new tools (we have 35 incredible proprietary tools we’ll share as needed), adaptive leadership, be assigned next steps, and review past assignments.

You’ll have access to your strategist via email and text throughout the week and at designated office hours.

Together, you’ll move the needle on what your business needs most, including:



Create a ripple effect of emotional intelligence and effective leadership from the top down.



Gain true insight into your profitability and make data-driven decisions that support your business's future.



We create a systematized marketing process so your pipeline stays full and runs almost effortlessly.



Find sales predictability when all your systems and people are in place.


Productivity Management:

To achieve maximum productivity, we develop a work model built on a structure of repeatable tasks, communication loops, time management, and accountability mechanisms.


Growth & Scaling:

Our strategists help you adopt the characteristics of companies that have both grown and scaled before you.

Learn How A Burned Out Plumber Increased Profits While Reducing Hours Worked | Case Study



When John Aaker hired Pinpoint Management, he felt burned out, working 60 hours a week. Despite his increasing revenue, he knew he needed to find a better work-life balance so he could sustain his business in the long haul.


The Challenges:

Pinpoint Management quickly recognized that the crux of the challenge was the company's limited staff capacity. John’s heavy workload was due to the team's inability to handle increasing demands efficiently. The ineffective team restricted John’s time for high-level strategic planning, affected his personal life, and bottlenecked growth.


The Solutions:

Pinpoint Management formulated a strategic plan to increase staffing levels. Our strategist helped the company identify the right talent to handle different responsibilities efficiently, thereby ensuring the company's operations were not solely dependent on John. At the same time, John and the strategist worked closely to streamline the work processes to improve efficiency and effective delegation.


The Results:

Within a few months, the changes brought significant improvements. John was able to decrease his work hours from over 60 hours per week to less than 40. Despite working fewer hours, the company's revenue increased by over $63,000. The new team members were able to meet the growing demand, and the more streamlined processes improved service delivery.

Discover How Human-Centered Business Development Can Grow Your Business


At Pinpoint Management, we know that businesses need data and strategy, along with adaptive and empathetic leadership, to thrive. Let’s work together to discover how we can increase your business’s revenue while growing emotional intelligence from the top down.